Soul Journeys aims to build a community of people working to go deeper in their relationships with others and the Divine.

As we live each day, we have inner and outer noticings. As we have been gifted with Divine Love, our Journeys invite us daily to recognize Love within ourselves and in the world.

Inner work can be challenging thus is often best accomplished with an experienced guide who can accompany you.

Experience: SJ offerings include experiences on an annual basis for you to consider. Included in those experiences will be preparation, accompaniment and follow-up to ensure key aspects of your spiritual journey are addressed.

Organizational Leadership: SJ supports organizations and individuals as they plan, walk and work their own “soul journeys”. Ultimately it is up to each of us to be our own guide/s. Our role is to work alongside you as you open yourself and or your organization opens to the Divine in this time and place.

Guidance ( Your Soulfulness) : Through busy-ness, uncertainty and noise, our human nature and society conspire to dull or mute the flame of Love burning within each of us. As you wish to venture inward to discover the Beloved within and understand more fully who you are, we stand ready to support you.

“The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.”

-Emily Dickinson

Wherever you find yourself in life, rest assured that Love is calling you. Often life’s challenges and pain keep us from hearing and knowing that Love.

SJ can help you listen through the inner and outer noise as you travel deeper into Love’s sacred core.

Marv Baldwin
Soul Journeys