You can gain a lot from learning to apply your values and vision. We can teach you to recognize the inner and outer noise as helpful toward your progress as you listen and become more aware. You will also learn how to envision living out your values, both near and long term. Ultimately you will be able to develop and apply actions to benefit your family, community, organization, world and yourself.

Now is the time to address all the outer and inner noise that seem to cloud every moment. Core values, long term visoning and specified near and long term actions are foundational in building healthy and productive families, communities, and workplaces. Although strategic and operational plans may be well thought out; it is often the underlying cultural, social, emotional and spiritual stuff that can undo the best laid plans and implementation.

When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate.

– Carl Jung

Soul Journeys draws from decades of experience in the for-profit, not-for profit and government sectors. Broad experience in planning and implementation on many levels in a variety of organizations and a tenacity to uncover that which persists below the surface and guides an organization’s journey is the ideal combination to support you as you navigate everchanging waters.

It is often difficult to recognize persisting problems as they become “just the ways things are around here.” Bringing things “into the light” is difficult and yet a productive step any organization can take.

Some of our best opportunities are hidden within or beneath challenges that seem to be impossible.

What you can expect from Soul Journeys:

  • Direct communication including deep listening and probing questions.
  • Support as you and your teams bravely navigate known and unknown waters.
  • Usable empowering solutions – often discovered within the organization minimizing the need for outsiders to “fix stuff.”
  • Outcome – Growth in healthy communications and relationships.
  • Outcome – Improved decision making and shorter meetings.
  • Outcome – Ability for organizational leaders and staff to look for and address future underlying opportunities, challenges, and issues.

Ready to journey with you!