Experience and travel is transformational. At Soul Journeys our aim is to plan, support and lead experiences and trips to allow you to break out of day to day activities, become deeply present, and recognize the Love of the Divine within and around all of us.

Come join us!

2020 Upcoming Retreats, Experiences and Trips:

Values, Vision & Action – Join Soul Journeys small group experiences to explore your values, envision a better future based on your values and put in place actions to live into your vision.

Writing as a Spiritual Practice – A small group practices for those who love writing or journaling and wish to utilize their writing for inner exploration and or write about inner exploration.

Guided Remote Reflective Retreats with or without Silence – this time of social distancing can be a great time for experiencing Divine’s presence and build a deeper understanding and experience of your unique connection to God. Engage for 3-7 days and you will be guided 3 times per day via phone or video chat.

Mapping Our Inner Experiences (MOIE) Small Group Intensive- join one of new groups beginning throughout the year. Utilizing self practice, small group interaction, travel, and one on one spiritual guidance, you will explore your inner life through your intellect, emotions, motivations, biology and spiritual essence.

Zoom (on-line) Small Group ‘You in the Loop’- in this monthly small group experience you’ll learn about Group Spiritual Guidance, Spiral Dynamics and the Enneagram and meet some soulful new friends too.

Ethiopia – Birthplace of humanity, an amazing country for the soulful, adventurous and curious traveler. Come join an incredible group for the trip of a lifetime! Hopefully coming soon… let us know of your interest.

Senegal West Africa – plans for future travel. In West Africa, a Muslim religious leader named Bamba led a peaceful resistance leading his people from their colonialist past. Often dubbed the “Gandhi” of West Africa, this trip will include a visit to his tomb housed in one of the largest mosques in Africa.

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