“Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.” -John Keats

Experiences are often transformational. At Soul Journeys our aim is to plan, support and lead experiences and trips to allow you to break out of day to day activities, become deeply present, and recognize the Love of the Divine within and around all of us.

Come join us!

2020 Upcoming Groups, Experiences and Trips:

Cavemen in Suits: consider joining this lively interactive group designed and facilitated to help you navigate modern life within your evolved container. Our genetics have been honed for survival and reproduction over 15,000 generations in the wild. Explore the inner challenges our inheritance creates as we go about our daily lives. “… we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” – Pierre de Chardin

Mind-Full Leaders: inner busy-ness is going viral in this new Covid world. Join one of our soulful groups of leaders from many walks of life as we navigate all the outer and inner noise in search of deeper truth, insight, wisdom, peace, vision and strength. “The mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master.” – unknown

Writing as a Spiritual Practice a small group designed for the writer or would-be writer who sees writing or journaling as a spiritual act. This group will utilize various prompts and learn about various practices as we explore our unique inner world through soulful writing.  “The oldest sentence in the world is in Sanskrit: the reality is one, people call it by different names.” – Beatrice Bruteau

Spiritual Aging come explore the 4th quarter of life with other soulful travelers who are looking for the joy and peace in each coming day.

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