2022 – 2023 programs include: monthly Soul Journeys written guides, group sessions, and/or monthly one-on-one spiritual direction. Video conference and phone options available. For more information and sliding scale pricing, marv@souljrnys.com

Survival Instincts as Spiritual Guidance – As we learn to accept our biology and inner survival mechanisms, including anxiety, we begin to appreciate more the deeper parts of our soulfulness and connections with the Divine. As Thomas Merton writes, “For me to be a saint means to be myself. Therefore the problem of sanctity and salvation is in fact the problem of finding out who I am and of discovering my true self.” Come discover and accept your true self in this 4 month program.

Accepting Our Grief, Deepening Our Spiritual Experience – In our modern world we are taught to curate success and happiness. Social media is an outgrowth or the “don’t worry, be happy” myth. Each of us grieves. At different times we grieve deeply for a significant loss and every day events cause us to grieve. We’re taught to suppress or ignore both types of grief in order to “carry on.” In this program, we will explore Divine compassion for those of us who grieve and learn how to accept and integrate our grief and, in turn share our compassion with others.

Soulful Explorations in a Materialistic World – Whether to satisfy a desire for power, control, altruism, scorekeeping, and or security, we humans yearn to accumulate wealth. In this 4 month program we’ll explore written and experienced spiritual guidance about the accumulation of and identification with wealth. Further, we will dive deep into what specific Divine guidance you may be receiving. This program will help you discover how to incorporate your wealth and wealth identity with your Spiritual calling.

Learning to Listen through Prayer, Meditation, and Presence – Distractions come in many forms both around us and within us. This program will help you learn to listen to yourself, to others, and to the Divine. We will learn ways to better listen to others and employ those same approaches to our inner lives so we may better understand Divine guidance and, how we are often guided by inner thoughts, emotions, and motivations we’d prefer not to have. Learning to be more fully aware of the inner traffic and accept it as guidance from beyond is key to our spiritual journey.

Grouchy and Blessed – Even Jesus and Buddha demonstrated grouchiness at times. Often we view anger, frustration, and grouchiness, as decidedly “un-spiritual.” Thomas Aquinas wrote, “…if you can live amid injustice without anger, you are immoral as well as unjust.” In this 4-month journey, we’ll explore these often rejected inner realities as pointers to Justice, Compassion, Truth, and other spiritual values. We will learn to use all the energy we’ve previously used to hold back our anger and frustration and begin to employ that energy for good in a world that needs more Love.

Sexuality & Spirituality – Many of us have been taught either directly or subtly to separate our sexuality and spirituality (religious experience). In this 4-month inner exploration, we will address the deep and soulful connections our sexuality provides with the Divine in our midst. The work of Divine action unites our bodies and souls in intimate union. Let us uncover the awareness which separates our sexuality and spiritual connection as we allow the Divine to heal us and make us whole.  

A note about Soul Journeys group work … can be transformational for people inclined toward that learning format. Our groups are normally 3-8 people and about 90 minutes in length. Many people want to pair group sessions with one on one sessions for deeper experience and impact.

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Support for Trips, Meetings, & Experiences:

At Soul Journeys our aim is to support your planning, implementation and follow-up whether you’re hosting a meeting, leading a trip, traveling with friends, sightseeing with intention, celebrating a holiday or event with relatives, etc. Whether a few hours, several days or even months, our experiences and trips allow us to break out of day to day activities, become deeply present, and recognize the Love of the Divine within and around all of us. The role we play at Soul Journeys will meet your needs and accompany you as you wish on your soul journey experience or trip.

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