“Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.” -John Keats

Experiences are often transformational. At Soul Journeys our aim is to plan, support and lead experiences and trips to allow you to break out of day to day activities, become deeply present, and recognize the Love of the Divine within and around all of us.

Come join us!

2020 Upcoming Groups, Experiences and Trips:

Group – Writing as a Spiritual Practice – whether an accomplished writer or a wannabe writer, there is something about writing that allows us to go deeper within. Consider joining this group of writer seekers for a journey and adventure within. – Beginning spring 2020 – marv@souljrnys.com

Group – Mapping Our Inner Experiences (MOIE) Small Group Intensive- join one of 3 new groups beginning in April, June and September – utilizing self practice, small group interaction, travel, and one on one spiritual guidance, you will explore your inner life through your intellect, emotions, motivations, biology and spiritual essence. for further information – marv@souljrnys.com

Guided Reflective Retreats with Silence 2+ nights – contact for at-home guided retreats or several dates available in Lemont, IL (Chicago Area), Indicate desired date/s in email. marv@souljrnys.com

Ethiopia Adventure, Birthplace of humanity, an amazing country for the soulful, adventurous and curious traveler. Come join an incredible group for the trip of a lifetime! Delayed due to Covid travel concerns… please email if you have interest in the future.

Senegal West Africa – In West Africa, a Muslim religious leader named Bamba led a peaceful resistance leading his people from their colonialist past. Often dubbed the “Gandhi” of West Africa, this trip will include a visit to his tomb housed in one of the largest mosques in Africa.

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