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I’m grateful you’ve found my site and would be pleased to hear from you about your life’s journey. From time to time, we all need some support as we work to live out our compassion and strive to build a more just world for all people. If you’re at that point in time, I hope you’ll consider reaching out.

The path of compassionate action, although vastly rewarding, can be bumpy, challenging, and at times, even brutal. Although each journey is unique, I have learned to accompany people as they bravely follow their calling to support and serve others and our world.

My 35 years of leading and serving in the for-profit, not-for-profit and government sectors includes 32 years in leadership roles, 19 years of being the top leader of an organization, and 50+ years of experience in board leadership on 6 NFP boards, including 3 board chair roles.

My experiences include, leadership development, coaching, financial management, strategy, new business development, fundraising, partnering, client support, pastoral counseling, and spiritual direction.

My travels have allowed me to see the world and most importantly to see and meet so many amazing people from all over! What I have found in common to all is a sense of compassion within each of us, ready to act, serve and love in the world.

Whether I’ve worked with executives, philanthropists, elected officials, business leaders, farmers, union leaders, community leaders, activists, religious leaders or academics, we all carry a deep sense of compassion emerging in a variety of ways to make our world a better place and to make our lives more loving for all.

As you prepare to further your soulful journey, I would be pleased to discuss becoming your guide whether it be for a brief or long time.

My prayer is that you may abide in Love as you discover ways to tap into the Compassion within and around you!

Marv Baldwin
Founder, Soul Journeys