Perfect Love as taught by Prof. Splinter

Throughout the Bible, we are told not to be afraid. Often we look outward, thinking our fear is out there somewhere. Much of, perhaps all of, our fear is inner fear. We project it out in different ways, at different times. In the gospel of John it says “true love casts out fear”.

As each of us is a container for the Divine, we all have that “true Love” within us. Thus the fear you and I sense, is being “cast out” continually. So what is there to do with it? Sadly, most of us place it on someone or something outside of us. We develop elaborate internal intellectual schemes to justify, explain, utilize, etc. the energy of the fear that is in the process of being cast out. Thus the admonition to take the log out of your own eye first to be able to help your neighbor remove the splinter in their own eye.

Practice: Embracing What You Don’t Want To

Today, notice your fear as it comes up within you. It may come in the form of blaming others, judging others, etc. When you encounter, in person, in the news, in something your read or hear about, one of those “people that push your buttons”, “bad actors”, “societal menaces”, or “irritating people”, etc., take a moment to go inside and search for the fear behind the noticing. Chances are this inside move is quite different than what you might normally do.

As the log is in your own eye when you notice the splinter in someone else’s, your noticing of “the irritation or problem outside yourself” is your own teacher arising within, if you’re a ready student.

As an aside… if you miss the lesson this time, don’t worry, perfect Love is very persistent, you’ll have another chance soon.

So as you notice the internal gymnastics show beginning in your mind (don’t worry, it happens to everyone) note what you are feeling… anger, sadness, fear, jealousy, envy, below the surface. Your thoughts and whatever is below is being shown to you by perfect Love within.

Once you’ve identified it, now comes the inner move you may not be expecting… embrace whatever has emerged. You might think of it as “embracing the pain”. Our usual “go to” is to push through it… to get through it ASAP. What I’m suggesting is simply notice what is going on below the surface; realizing whatever thoughts you’re having are ‘the surface’; and then accept and embrace whatever is there for a few seconds or minutes, as you’re able.

We subvert a lot of feelings we think we shouldn’t have and eventually it keeps us from experiencing pure love, joy, freedom, truth. Once you can embrace that the log in your own eye is the actual issue, you will be free to embrace your own humanity fully and love’s emergence will be your gift and a gift to others.

Through the pain and darkness is freedom, light and pure love.

10 thoughts on “Perfect Love as taught by Prof. Splinter

  1. I’ve thought of Jesus’ teaching about the log in our eye many times, but this is a fresh and helpful angle on it. The idea that the log is an emotion or inner experience, a fear, and that we cannot hope to “remove” it until we have first made the space to notice it and then touch it. Thank you for this, Marv!


  2. I recently was given a cartoon that addresses this exact topic. I will share the text accompanying the cartoon images. ” If you take the most frightening thing in the word- and invite it in-put your arms around it-and sit still with it- what is left to be frightened by? Blessings, Nanette


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