Listening to Compassion

As we listen for our inner voices, we are often challenged by not only their call but often the paradox of each. In this blog, we will continue to look for more inner spaciousness (spiritual perspective), in order to better recognize the Divine within and around us. Consider the voice or voices of Love within you. Each one introduces a paradox into our lives. As you consider the voice of Compassion, consider the following:


When did you (or do you) notice compassion toward another? Toward yourself?

How does the way you think, feel, act, or speak
influence compassion? Conversely, how does compassion influence the way you think, feel, act, or speak?

As you explore compassion within, what feelings, sensations, images, memories, stories, scriptures, etc., do you notice?

How would you describe your relationship with compassion?

When you consider compassion, what person comes to mind for you?

What paradox(es) does compassion invite or demand you to hold in your life?

What does compassion teach you about the presence of the Divine within and around you?

Optional: consider Justice, Judgement, Love or other values important to you, utilizing the questions from above. Notice how it might sound good to live out of our Compassionate heart but in fact, it can be difficult with the other inner voices and conflicts going on.

Considering what you’ve discovered within, what is your prayer for yourself and others?

Weather Conflict

As storms come, a feeling, some sense.
Weather is shared.
Why trouble, why worry, go inside.
Find shelter and wait.
Even the most violent storms pass
Some in the blink of an eye.

At times, we walk into the front,
Like the water buffalo.
Other times, we wait quietly inside,
Wondering when the storm will pass

And it does eventually
Sometimes without lasting damage.
But damage and injury none the less.
At times, the wounds need to be addressed.

The weather always brings change
One can never be the same again,
The prideful try to create better weather,
Modern wannabe rains dancers.
The fearful try to get back to normal.
As if anything ever was, or will be, normal.

Be here now.

Get on with it already

Get on with it we say,
Even inside.
To the sad little self.
Yet, it’s time to become,
The human, fully, you were and are meant to be

A living sacrifice, a becoming of presence
A place where you once avoided,
In order to find yourself...

Now you enter in and allow
Your own death as way to usher in
The kingdom of heaven, God, here and now.

The mystery of the ages,
Bending our own arc to the sacred curve. Enter the lost ness of self, become One.

Inspired by Bible NT Colossians 2:13

uncertain yet familiar Place

Persist here, do not be afraid.
The still small Voice awaits the quiet mind, the ready heart.
Be not afraid, opening is created by letting go.
Quiet, Silence can undo one … exactly.
Make me undone so that I may be reshaped.
Look… You… rather We are doing a new thing.

In the Silence, You renew me.
You make my You come through.
I need not wait.
You are here when You are ready, always.

I am here often, not always.

Help me to learn, to always yearn, rather, to recognize my yearning for You.
For the Oneness You offer to me, to all people.
A gift, The Gift.

Each moment, the yearning, each day a new gift.
The old me tries to shed the desire for unity through… projects, conversations, distractions, activities, even meditations and prayer.

Accept, You say.
Do not be afraid.
I am with you until the end of time.

You haunt me, as i haunt You.
Together as One through our manifestation, We are known and also may know.
We integrate through our letting go.


Help me let go that the collective we may become One.


- written June 2013

Better relationships begin with self acceptance.

Although it sounds counterintuitive to say that to have better relationships we need to accept ourselves more fully first.

Here’s the thing. When we don’t accept the stuff about ourselves that we don’t want to be, we project what we don’t want to be on others. This is a key lesson on the spiritual journey. What you see in another is a reflection of something you recognize in yourself, whether it be a desired something or not so much.

So, next time you’re mad at your partner or friend, take a moment to breath and ask yourself, what is God showing me, about me? If it’s a highly charged reaction, a small time away from the encounter may be advised to give yourself space.

Once you discover the inner trigger, don’t further beat yourself up, just recognize the need to continue to recognize whatever you see, in yourself.

I had the chance to talk to a friend the other day who’s always talking about this amazing person, or the quality of such and such person, or this amazing thing so and so did. I asked him how much he looks for the good in himself.

Like my friend, I’m guessing many of us focus mostly on what we’re doing wrong or what we could do better. It’s part of our human condition and it has some here and now benefits in modern competitive world.

The problem is that the acceptance for what you are is already done so until you accept you fully, in effect, you’re disagreeing with the Truth of Love. It’s tough to give up the self improvement journey we’ve become accustomed to…

Standing by to help you navigate the journey.