My Soul Journey into Vulnerability

As Soul Journeys is birthed, I am very aware of the thing that I have tried to avoid my entire life.


Truly, I have spent most my years trying to show up with the right “look”. Confident, having all the answers, willing to take appropriate risks, responsible, measured, smart, good husband, father, friend, you know, good, and always trying to be better. The truth is I’m able to portray all those things but I am so much more! I am fearful, sad, frustrated, confused, lazy, negative, ashamed, needy, jealous … need I go on?

As I launch Soul Journeys, I am deep into openness and vulnerability which, as it turns out, provides much of my inspiration to begin Soul Journeys. On my own journey, I’ve realized that acceptance of whatever arises within me or around me may be the thing that leads me to the transformation I need. In truth, I often don’t want, or run from, what appears initially.

My intent is that Soul Journeys becomes a framework for those of us who wish to explore the hidden places within where love and peace, joy and sadness are intertwined with all that we don’t want to be or don’t want others to see. We each spend a lot of time and energy projecting what is acceptable and hiding what is not. As we accept ourselves and realize our sacredness, our inner love may break forth.

For me, my journey seemed to begin with a goal which I’ve somehow lost and found and lost again many times along the way. Just because the goal wasn’t, and still isn’t achievable, doesn’t mean I don’t often find myself all twisted up in the goal of being greater, better, smarter, wiser, more… than I was yesteryear, yesterday, yester-minute.

As I explore and reflect on what I see and notice, I find that often what seems like a goal is actually more discovering what is truer. I have often been caught in the trap of “finding truth” but that defines an endpoint which seems elusive.

So as my soul journey continues and your soul journey continues, Soul Journeys begins as it joins you and I along the way.

Soul Journeys is an invitation; a framework; an opportunity;  a challenge; to journey  together and alone experiencing more fully all that is within and around us.

I humbly invite you to consider joining your soul journey to Soul Journeys so that together we may unearth all the beauty, mystery, energy and joy that exists in this miraculous gift we call life.


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