Are you on the right track?

Short answer, yes.

Now let’s dig into that a bit. Often our inability to ‘see’ we’re on the right track keeps us from realizing we indeed are. Our modern society markets so many things to us , and in such a way that we often are overwhelmed by choices. Sometimes when we finally choose a direction or make a decision, we begin to question if it is or was the right one.

Our struggling does not actually knock us off the right track but rather keeps us from accepting what is on our right track as a part of our life’s Love lesson.

Let me be careful to offer that although “life’s Love lesson” may sound friendly, enlightening and ultimately supportive… when the “triple L’s” show up in your life, they will often appear as insurmountable problems, challenges or fears.

What to do…

Recognize your own unique path. Accept that it is your path to navigate for better or for worse. Accepting the reality of where you are on the path is helpful even it is difficult to do. It may not feel like it often… or ever, but trust me, you are beloved and you have special gifts that you and the world needs.

So how do we discover these gifts? How do we live out our uniqueness in a way, knowing we are on the right track?

Be still.

Be still.

Notice what you notice right now. This will only take a minute. What you’re noticing may be within you; it may be around you; may be a memory; a plan; an emotion; a desire; just pay attention to what is there for you now.

Now observe it, feel it, sense it.

Breath. And again.

Slowly notice what it is, and ever so gently inquire, why am I noticing this? What, if anything, am I to do with this noticing?

Take your time. No hurry. You’ll never get through all those emails waiting for you anyway!

As you’re able bring the question back to you’re attention, “am I on the right track” and ask how does this noticing inform me about my wondering? Is there something for me to do with whatever I’m noticing or seeing?

Often our question will bring interactions or people to mind which are there to guide us as well. In the garden, Jesus struggled in prayer, asking God to “take the cup from him” if possible as his best friends slept. Needless to say he asked them to pray with him, to “stand guard” but they kept sleeping as he struggled to give up his agenda to the greater agenda laid out before him.

Within each of us, a similar battle rages. We balance our own agendas with a bigger or Sacred agenda which both challenges us and scares us. Over time we recognize that our fear drives us toward others for help and support and yet our closest “friends”, including our inner friends, “sleep”. They don’t help us know what to do and they at best frustrate our efforts to hear the truth. And often when they do awaken, they overreact because they don’t know how to react. Fear drives many actions and inactions.

All our efforts to get our internal world “in-line” to know if we’re heading the right way on the right track comes down to one thing… our willingness to accept the path, the track we are on and where it is heading. We often don’t like it or want it,  bravely into the dark often feeling terribly alone. As we are able our response to that sense of alone can be to welcome it, “I don’t know why you’ve come to make me feel so alone.” knowing only one thing for sure… Love is here with us, even when we don’t sense it.