Are your values feminine or masculine?

In the Song of Songs (aka Song of Solomon) it is somewhat surprising, yet quite refreshing, to read about the feminine character or spirit in pursuit of a masculine partner.

Whether you read this as human romance, cosmic spiritual Union, or inner masculine and feminine presence and values, the Hebrew Bible turns a lot of status quo thinking on its ear in this beautiful poetic writing.

In our work recently with Soul Journeys, we’ve been exploring our inner values with people as a way to connect with their soulfulness and perhaps better understand the Divine presence within.

As we’ve explored our values, one observation that seems powerful is that as people begin identifying their values, they often find both masculine and feminine values within themselves. Further, it would seem that whether man or woman, we readily accept our values no matter the label our society might place on them.

It seems that as we engage our values, we begin to engage the idea that many of us possess both feminine and masculine values, at least from a societal definition perspective. Further, the values we have within guide us deeply through life, almost like a ships rudder.

Utilize this list from Brene Brown to identify your guiding values and then think about the inner dance of masculine and feminine within you whether it be spiritually, genetically, or consciously, that enlivens and guides your life.

Let us know what you find within!

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