It’s not what you think you think.

Your reality is wrong. You think about reality in the wrong way. I can tell because you’re either reading this so far with curiosity or you’re reacting in a defensive way. Either way, proving to yourself, your reality is wrong.

Your reality is wrong because you want it to be. Your brain is built to optimize survival. You’re able to read this today because your ancestors learned to focus on what matters.

Focus is most often our biggest problem. Modern society has been able to engineer a safer, more secure way for us to live and thus survive longer. Physically it is a good thing, mentally and spiritually, not so much.

Our brains are built for survival. They incessantly scan the environment, decide what matters, and make our physical body respond. Mostly, not helpful in our modern world. For those of you reading this with much testosterone running through your system, you have a survival brain turbo charger too.

So what do we do?

Accept who we are. Our survival brain tells us to strive for more, better, faster, even when it comes to “chilling out”. Many of us have set out to improve ourselves through various means. If asked most of us would say our goals include… love, truth, peace, joy, etc.

How can you know to want those things unless you already know what they are? How can you become what you already are? How can you seek what you already have?

In the New Testament of the Bible, a story is written about a prodigal son, a “lost” son. He’s lost because he carries the wrong perspective. His older brother is lost too. A reticle may be in order… “parable of the lost sons.“

The correct perspective is there in the story and thus also within you. Do you see it? Can you hear it?

What inner thoughts, voices or feelings are occurring within you now obscuring your perspective?

A perspective available to you…

“My child, you were lost and now you are found, let’s have a party and celebrate!” and “you have always been with me, everything I have is yours, come to the party!”

Need help finding that perspective? Look far and wide within and you shall find it.

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