Soul Sherpa

Soul Sherpa

Where are you going brother?
Up to the top you say.
It’s quite a journey,
And you’re carrying quite a load.

I’ve never climbed this mountain,
The one you’re eyeing with courage and fear.
I’ve been on a number of climbs before.
At the summit, you’ll find bedrock.

At the camps along the way,
You’ll find some rest.
Once refreshed though,
That inner drive will carry you further.

You can do it on your own.
You can trust that inner will.
If you might allow me,
To help carry all that you’ve brought with you.

As you get closer to the top,
I’ll wait with your things, those you may need,
And yet might keep you from the summit.
You’ll need to summit by yourself yet, you won’t be alone.

We all must make the final push on our own.
A soul sherpa like me can help get you closer,
The final push is up to you.
I’ll be here when you return, if you decide to.

6 thoughts on “Soul Sherpa

      1. Love your beautiful metaphor of a Soul Sherpa! I have a friend who is currently climbing Everest and this poem I’m sure she could find herself in. She has often said mountain climbing is a spiritual experience!


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