Listening to Compassion

As we listen for our inner voices, we are often challenged by not only their call but often the paradox of each. In this blog, we will continue to look for more inner spaciousness (spiritual perspective), in order to better recognize the Divine within and around us. Consider the voice or voices of Love within you. Each one introduces a paradox into our lives. As you consider the voice of Compassion, consider the following:


When did you (or do you) notice compassion toward another? Toward yourself?

How does the way you think, feel, act, or speak
influence compassion? Conversely, how does compassion influence the way you think, feel, act, or speak?

As you explore compassion within, what feelings, sensations, images, memories, stories, scriptures, etc., do you notice?

How would you describe your relationship with compassion?

When you consider compassion, what person comes to mind for you?

What paradox(es) does compassion invite or demand you to hold in your life?

What does compassion teach you about the presence of the Divine within and around you?

Optional: consider Justice, Judgement, Love or other values important to you, utilizing the questions from above. Notice how it might sound good to live out of our Compassionate heart but in fact, it can be difficult with the other inner voices and conflicts going on.

Considering what you’ve discovered within, what is your prayer for yourself and others?

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