We the people…

It struck me today how quickly we run through the beginning of our constitution as we read “we the people… “

To me, it is an all inclusive phrase, every person is included in “we”. Yet at the time it was written, and persisting still to this day, the all-inclusive “we” I hear is not always heard and quite candidly was not intended by most if not all of the founders.

I heard a great quote today from a friend. She said “words can be redeemed.” I would like to offer that we redeem the words “we the people” by saying what we mean by “we the people” in the US in 2020. The we is much more than what Jefferson, Adams and even Franklin intended. They continue to invite us to grow beyond, to inspire to be better. Perhaps Jefferson might lament about the good ole days but Adams and Franklin certainly would not… we don’t know.

We do know that each of us has been endowed by our creator. And Paul, Jesus and Abraham each point to the Divine within each of us. Paul outright says “don’t you know that you are the temple of the Spirit?” Yes, within each of us is hidden the Presence, the Love, the Light of the most Holy.

And so today let me implore you to help make the “we” aspirational again. That’s what the founders intended, aspirational ideas to form a more perfect union.

Let’s redeem “We the people” so that no one ever has to wonder again if they’re included as one of the “we”.

Don’t you know, you are the church?

So, I’m going to rant a bit as Paul did in his letter to the Corinthians “Don’t you know!…” yes he said Don’t you know, “Don’t you know know your bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?” The Spirit is in you! Yes, there, in y.o.u., the whole time, without question, received from God, need I go on?

I can almost hear Paul saying, “What about – your bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit, do you not understand?” It may come as a shock for you but it does begin to help you understand how you will never be late for church again, ever! You will be eternally on time!

This Holy Spirit “inside us” thing is highlighted by Jesus in Luke 17 when he is asked by some religious folks, so where is this “Kingdom of God” you keep talking about? And he says, “you can look far and wide, you can go searching, out there… (but don’t be fooled – okay, he didn’t really say this but it’s fun to think he might have), the Kingdom of God is… within you.” In some translations, it says, in your midst. In Aramaic, it basically means right here, in you, and around you, right now!

So, the next time anyone tries to point you to a place of worship and they’re not pointing at you, or themselves, you might want to help them with their directions.

Love is here, why wait, stop seeking and be here now.



Clarity breaks forth from silence.

Our excited and distracted lives slowed.

As the waves crash our voices rise to overcome,

Yet, when the tide goes out, a whisper can be heard from deep within.


Does my heart beat? Is my stomach churning?

Let me find my way, without maps, words, signs…

In the middle of the dessert, deep in the woods, a prisoner of modernity, what is the difference?

Be still and know,

Truth is present through your simple silence,

Be still and know,

you are Worthy.

How is what you notice guiding you?

The other day I was talking to a friend about spiritual guidance and they asked about a situation some close friends were in and what did I think was going on in their situation?

I paused for a moment and then began explaining how spiritual guidance might best approach his question.

I told my friend that his noticing the situation and bringing it up in conversation with me was a sure sign of the Divine’s guidance within him. I shared that although we often put up barriers or misconstrue Love’s emergence, it is just such situations like the one he described that point to something deeper within him, something he might want to explore.

“Life is set up to bring up what has been bound up, so it can open up to be freed up, so you can show up for life.”
― Mary O’Malley

I like the directness of Mary’s quote. Whatever is arising for us is a pointer to something deep within. What is arising may be cloaked with whatever we see and project outward but with some attention placed on it for a few minutes we can often discover what it is that is emerging within.

If you’re having trouble accessing the deeper truth that may be emerging, there are a number of practices that can help. If you’re a head centered person, try a form of Lectio Divina, if a heart centered person, try a heart focused meditation and of you’re a body (gut) centered person, try a breathing practice where you move breath and awareness around your body.

Here for you as needed. –