Do You Have Some Wisdom to Share?

You’re reading a book, article or blog and you think to yourself… “wow this is so great!, My friend (spouse, child, sibling, etc.), __________, would really like this, needs this, would benefit from this,” etc. 
It’s a common reaction and one it is good to pay close attention to. 
When you find something you’re reading particularly motivating, inspiring, wise, troubling, etc., make the inside move to learn more about yourself and discover Love within.
Utilize one or more of these questions to do some deeper work. You might also consider additional questions that aid you in your inner exploration.
1. If possible, identify a particular section, phrase or even a single word that helped you sense Sacred Presence as you read. Any moments that seemed so present you could feel or sense Love?
2. Were there any particular stories, poems, scriptures, songs, images, etc. that came to as you read it? What feelings come up within you as you allow this to soak in?
3. Did you find any statements troubling? Or difficult to understand? Where in your body did you notice? 
3b. Perhaps you found this reading express Divine Presence in a unique way? Perhaps a way you’ve thought about before or never thought about it but it opened a new possibility for you? 
4. If you had only 6 words to describe what you read in those pages, what words or short phrase would you use?
5. If you could retitle the book / chapter to better reflect your deep intersection with the reading, what would the title be? 
6. Take a look around you right now and find something in your immediate environment that reconnects you to the reading… spend a few minutes connecting with what you’ve noticed and perhaps ask “what is here for me in this moment?”  
Hope these questions help you dive deeper within. If you want to talk more about what you notice or experience, I would be pleased to hear from you. 

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