uncertain yet familiar Place

Persist here, do not be afraid.
The still small Voice awaits the quiet mind, the ready heart.
Be not afraid, opening is created by letting go.
Quiet, Silence can undo one … exactly.
Make me undone so that I may be reshaped.
Look… You… rather We are doing a new thing.

In the Silence, You renew me.
You make my You come through.
I need not wait.
You are here when You are ready, always.

I am here often, not always.

Help me to learn, to always yearn, rather, to recognize my yearning for You.
For the Oneness You offer to me, to all people.
A gift, The Gift.

Each moment, the yearning, each day a new gift.
The old me tries to shed the desire for unity through… projects, conversations, distractions, activities, even meditations and prayer.

Accept, You say.
Do not be afraid.
I am with you until the end of time.

You haunt me, as i haunt You.
Together as One through our manifestation, We are known and also may know.
We integrate through our letting go.


Help me let go that the collective we may become One.


- written June 2013

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